Aryos Marketing ltd

Aryos Marketing Ltd. is one of the world’s most experienced companies in the 
production and printing of labels of all kinds.  Our services are designed for the textile industry, but  are not limited to that.   We work with some 2000 leading companies all over the world, who rely on us to send them branded goods for various purposes, with no compromises on quality.The company manufactures, develops and supplies its customers with all types of products under one roof:  clothing labels, printed labels, woven labels, laundry marking labels, cardboard labels, barcode labels, etc.
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Our Services
At a time when many people are getting tired of poor quality
and of production lines with the emphasis on quantity, we at
Aryos offer a service experience and end product at another
level, without equal.
Every product that leaves our factory is carefully and
meticulously checked by skilled professionals, who will not
overlook a single defect, and who will ensure that the label is a fitting complement
to the work of your organization.
aryos Marketing Ltd. carries out successful projects for giant
concerns, for public institutions and for manufacturers of
all kinds.
Our customers include international companies such as Speedo
nd Calvin Klein.  We treat each one of our products as evidence
of the quality of our work and you can therefore be sure that
the goods you receive will be of the highest possible standard.
In addition to textile labels for clothing, our products include complex printing 
on silicone ribbons, packaging and special ribbons for bracelets, as well as entry cards with brand names and participant names to create, a dignified  appearance and sense of importance at conferences and events.

Aryos Marketing Ltd. provides a special package of services to meet the needs of international brands and for the local activity of smaller companies that wish to make an impression on their customers.


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